Team Member

Brooke Pearson

Office Manager

Education & Credentials

Business Administration, Texas State University; San Marcos, TX


As a patient at our office, you can expect my full attention to your dental needs. I will coordinate with our dentists to tailor your treatment plan. I want you to leave every visit with your expectations not only met, but exceeded!


Brookes favorite TV shows are Greys Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory, and her favorite books are The Hunger Games and The Giving Tree, which she loves to read to kids.


Brooke has been working in customer service-related fields since 1997. She started her career as a barista and then moved to building and selling furniture before settling into dental. Throughout each of her jobs, Brooke has taken the utmost care in every task at hand. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Kevin, and their sons, Walker and Hudson. Brooke also enjoys trying new recipes at home, and taking her sons to the park any time the Austin weather allows.


Graduated magna cum laude